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Camp Maintenance: Phil Jackson (03) 688 7290

Secretary: Juliet Shallard  (03) 6147699

Treasurer: Phil Jackson  (03) 688 7290

Bookings: Rachael Lockley   0221 606373

Catering: Maree Christey  (03) 6147040

Cleaning: Helen McHaffie  (03) 6147434

Visiting adjacent farmland: Raincliff Station - Jan and David Morgan  (03) 6147181

                                        Rockpool (across the river) - Donald and Kathy Hudson (03) 6974800

Church Use: Kate Geary   (03) 6147284

GROUPS Should always be aware that the Camp is situated near the Opihi River and in times of
heavy flooding contact:
Mrs Helen McHaffie 614 7434
for directions. Should it be necessary to move to Raincliff Station woolshed, place all gear/equipment on benches and top bunks before leaving. If time permits, take clothing, sleeping bag and food with you. Exercise safety first

RELIGIOUS GROUPS - Adherents and believers in non-Christian religions will not be able to use the Camp for worship or spiritual studies. The Trust Board reserves the right to exclude any such group from the Camp, in deference to the devout faith of the Camp's Christian founders.

ALCOHOL No alcohol to be taken into these premises without the prior approval of the Trust Board. Groups seeking permission for use of alcohol MUST fill in the application form and gain the Trust Board's approval. Groups found defying these instructions could find themselves barred from future bookings. When approved, strict control is required by The Trust Board.

BARBECUE: The double barbecue situated behind the kitchen area in the trees is suitable for up to 100 people. You can collect the steel cooking plates from main kitchen area and they are to be cleaned and returned to the main kitchen area after use. Please leave dry firewood for the next group.

TOILETS: Please do not put sanitary pads down toilets as they block the septic tank. Use incinerator or disposal bags.

CLEANING: Please allocate the supervision of cleaning of bunk rooms meeting rooms, hall, office etc. to a senior member of your team. Inadequate cleaning up of such areas could involve the loss of your deposit. See schedule of cleaning instructions. All facilities are to be left in a clean and tidy condition. Bunk Rooms, vegetable room toilets and kitchen to be wet mopped out. The Main Hall, Entrance, Office and meeting rooms to be swept or mopped if necessary. The Refrigeration room and deep freeze unit are to be left going,

CARE OF MAIN HALL FLOOR Please do not lean back in chairs as the feet cut holes in the lino floor.

YOU MAY LIKE TO EXTEND YOUR GROUP ACTIVITIES WHILE AT THE CAMP WHICH WOULD BE APPRECIATED BY THE TRUST BOARD by way of cleaning windows, removing cobwebs, rubbish and emptying the incinerator and removal of rubbish bag in front of bunk rooms.

CHANGE WATER REGULARLY when wet mopping out bunk rooms and hall

CAMPING AND ERECTING TENTS The Trust Board would prefer this to be carried out in the west area of the camp. Tent pegs left in the lawn damage the lawn mower.

GRAFFITI: Will not be tolerated in any form around the Camp. Please ensure you check all areas especially bunk rooms before leaving.

DOGS: No dogs allowed inside the building or running loose in grounds area at any time

BLUE LIGHT INSECT TRAP During the summer months November to May. Please have senior team member remove dead insects every 2 to 3 days from tray of insect trap mounted at north west corner of playing area. Refill tray with water and a small amount of diesel oil.

USE OF HALL TABLES Please discourage your group members from sitting on tables in main hall. They are costly to repair.

DRY STORE ROOM All groceries and food to be stored in dry store room and not in kitchen area. KEEP DOOR CLOSED.

TREES AND BUSH Please do not cut trees or bush. Firewood for camp fires or barbeque to be collected from riverbed and stored in the barbeque area

MOTOR VEHICLE PARKING: Please park all vehicles at the rear of the main building. AntiFreeze required in Winter

RUBBISH: ALL RUBBISH is to be removed by your group when leaving camp. 

SUPERVISION: Groups to have adult supervision at all times, suggested ratio 1 to 5. EXAMPLE: Camp Parents and Helpers. Kitchen staff and helpers separate.

INSURANCE: Groups should make sure that they have adequate insurance cover to insure against any unforeseen damage caused by members of their group to Camp or surrounding properties plus coverage of their own equipment and broken windows etc,

FIREARMS: No firearms or air rifles or pistols to be taken on to Camp property.

APPLIANCES: Electric lights, heaters etc. to be left switched off. Kitchen to be cleaned thoroughly and utensils replaced. Conditions for use of kitchen appliances will be found behind door of big cupboard next to the dishmaster. Please follow all instructions. Breakage or damage to be reported by user.

CLOTHES WASHER & DRYER: Industrial washer and dryer available $2 coin operated

SURROUNDINGS: No bush to be cut, burnt or removed

SECURITY: Please ensure that if you are leaving the Camp for the day that the Camp is secure by closing windows and locking doors. Groups are to be responsible for making Camp secure on completion of Camp. Return keys to the holder from whom you collected.

CAMP TELEPHONE: Timaru (03) 6147007

LOCAL FARMERS: Require group leaders to obtain their approval before entering any private land in the area. If this is not carried out the Trust Board could lose access for everyone using the Camp in the future.            Raincliff Station 614 7181

CHURCH SERVICES: For those wishing to view the Church please contact Mrs. Helen McHaffie ph 6147434 for key. Please leave clean and tidy after use and return key. For Weddings, Funeral Services and Worship Services approval must be acquired from the Archdeacon of Timaru

SHOWERS: Limit the time each person spends in the shower. Do not waste hot water and turn off all taps.

ELECTRIC POWER: Extreme care must be exercised by everyone and please turn off lights and heaters when not in use. Bunkroom wall heaters should only be used during Winter say 1 hour before retiring and then turned off at lights out. All heating will be turned off during the summer months. Any person or group found interfering with bunk room heater timers will be banned from the camp. 

MATTRESSES: New inner spring mattresses are not to be removed from the bunk rooms under any conditions. If extra mattresses are required please arrange with the Caretaker. Please leave mattresses flat on bunks.

FOOD SUPPLIES including milk and meat can be obtained from Pleasant Point township 18 kms from Camp. Phone Nos: Dairy (03) 614 7515, Supermarket (03) 614 7426 and Butcher (03) 614 7400.

SCOUT CONFIDENCE COURSE: Please ensure that all groups are supervised at all times. Flying Fox equipment is situated in the camp storage area
The flying fox is on camp keys.

HIRE OF BUSES: The local garage at Pleasant Point will hire buses for trips away from the Camp. Please contact Atkinson & Dossett, Pleasant Point.Phone (03) 6147826

FIRE ALARMS: Should a fire alarm be activated your Fire Warden will carry out evacuation procedures as detailed in the camp. Your group will be contacted by the Fire Monitoring Service and you will be asked to check and advise the situation. You will also be responsible for turning the alarm off if no fire brigade action is necessary. If the alarms are maliciously activated by any member of your group, any costs incurred will be your responsibility. Please advise the caretaker.

HEALTH & SAFETY The camp management takes all reasonable care to maintain the property and equipment in a safe condition. All occupying groups shall make themselves aware of all potential hazards and safety systems including fire egress instructions. All groups shall develop their own plan for management of risks for campers while on site. Attention is drawn to the inherent risks of an outdoor facility including the mountain stream, and forest areas. All injuries and sickness occurring at the camp shall be reported in writing to the booking agent as soon as possible after the event.

GENERAL The Trust Board endeavours to maintain these facilities at a reasonably high standard. However, much depends on you and your group members,




Thank you for your support

Raincliff Trust Board